img_3913Born in 1973, in central Illinois, Dawn left home to attend college at Western Illinois University where she majored in Sociology and Corporate Fitness.  She graduated in 1998 from Western Illinois University with a Masters degree in Exercise Science.  After graduation, Dawn went on to work for Staywell at Caterpillar Inc in Peoria, Illinois, providing wellness and fitness programs for Caterpillar employees. Throughout her career, Dawn has worked in the corporate sector providing wellness and fitness programming, health club management, personal training, Yoga classes, and holistic health guidance.

Dawn is the mom of two boys. Dawn dedicated 14 years to being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler of her two boys, but returned to the health and fitness world when the boys went back to school.

After five years of suffering from a debilitating disease that left Dawn home-bound and hopeless,  countless hours in doctor’s offices and subjected to dozens of tests and procedures,  she reached out to the alternative community to find some semblance of control over her “dis-ease”.  She was connected to a yoga teacher who came to her home and led her through private yoga sessions.  She had practiced on her own at home for several years prior, so yoga was nothing new to her,  but having a teacher guide her through poses, mantras, meditation and breath work brought her closer to the heart of yoga.  Her teacher and mentor also incorporated Thai Bodywork and Reiki into her sessions, which brought her an even deeper sense of relief and calm during a turbulent and stressful time in her life.  Fast forward a couple of years, a cancer diagnosis and surgery, a trip to Mayo Clinic to diagnose her still unidentified medical condition not explained by the cancer diagnosis, and finally a diagnosis and conventional medical treatment.

While the conventional medical treatment went a long way to leading Dawn to some semblance of a normal life again, she realized that the true hero in her saga was the “alternative” therapies of yoga, Reiki and Thai bodywork.  That realization led her to 200 hours of Thai Bodywork training and Reiki classes levels 1,2, and 3, followed by 500 hours of Aromatherapy training.

Jump to today, where Dawn is still an advocate for holistic health and healing, but pursues her love of Yoga by teaching several classes per week and continuing her education through Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Philosophy Courses and continuing education classes.


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